Design of Earth Retention Systems, Shallow Foundations & Temporary Shoring Structures

Specializing in Slope Stability Analysis, Sheet Pilings, Cantilevered Soldier Beam & Concrete Retaining Walls in addition to Tieback Shoring Systems.

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For Each Project following the development of a Schedule, Scope of Work and GMP, Detailed Calculations along with ACAD Details and Drawings are Prepared for the following types of Work:

Earth Retention Projects

  • Sheet Pile Shoring
  • Cantilevered Soldier Beams and Lagging
  • Cantilevered Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Tieback Soldier Pile Systems
  • CLSM Walls (Controlled Low Strength Material)
  • Shoring and Trench Safety Plans
  • Braced Excavations
  • Cofferdam Structures for Pump Station Construction
  • Soil Nailing
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • MSE Walls
  • MSE Slopes

Foundations and Related Structures

  • Drilled Piers
  • Grade Beams
  • Retaining Walls on Drilled Piers & Grade Beams
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Metal Building Foundations


TxDot Bridge Projects

  • Formwork for Bridge Abutments
  • Design of Required Earth Retention Systems
  • Bridge Deck Brackets and Handrails For Walkways
  • Screed Wheel Loadings

Power Generation and Industrial Facilities

  • Slabs on Grade
  • Tank and Equipment Foundations
  • Structural Steel Frames and Equipment Support Structures

What We Do For You

The Wilson Geotechnical Group, LLC specializes in the design and development of temporary shoring and earth retention systems. Sheet piles, soldier beams, tieback walls, and cantilevered concrete retaining walls are typical installations. Safety and economy are trademarks of our projects. Daily contact with clients from inception thru design and development are typical. Site visits are a key to success and are made when geographically possible. We pride ourselves in rapid responses to contractors with work in progress to limit stand-by time and impact on scheduled completion dates. Often times, solutions can be developed for pending problems with the exchange of photographs and recommended solutions.

Every effort is made to develop the design of these structures based on client experience and materials and equipment available. ACAD details and drawings are developed and approved prior to the beginning of any project to eliminate on-site conflicts and "surprises".

We also support contractors doing typical TxDot bridge projects with earth retention systems specific to a particular job including concrete formwork designs for abutment and related concrete structures. We also provide design services for walkway brackets, OSHA-approved handrail designs as a result of screed wheel loadings and resulting dynamic loadings.

We are unique in our design services given education, background and experience to also be able to support our clients in the power generation and industrial plant construction business. We are able to supply structural steel designs for equipment platforms, conveyor systems, temporary bracing for equipment erection and placement in addition to any required foundation designs for these various structures.

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